Song List

Song Name Artist Album Play Count
'tis the damn seasonTaylor Swiftevermore301
"Slut!" (From The Vault)Taylor Swift1989 (Taylor's Version)56
1 step forward 3 steps backOlivia RodrigoSOUR10
1989 Perfect Fight SongTaylor Swift1989298
22Taylor SwiftRed346
22Lily AllenIt's Not Me It's You1
22 (Taylor's Version)Taylor SwiftRed (Taylor's Version)201
22 InstrumentalTaylor SwiftQuiet Calm Art 24
22 SeineTaylor SwiftLive on the Seine262
400 LuxLordePure Heroine4
A Driver Saved My NightSigridHow To Let Go5
A Driver Saved My Night (up close)SigridHow To Let Go (Special Edition)0
A Perfectly Good HeartTaylor SwiftTaylor Swift255
A Place In This WorldTaylor SwiftTaylor Swift248
A World AloneLordePure Heroine2
AfterglowTaylor SwiftLover350
Aint Nothing Bout YouTaylor SwiftCovers - Brooks & Dunn252
AirplanesB.o.B and Hayley WilliamsThrowbacks - B.o.B, Hayley Williams: B.o.B Presents: The Adventures of Bobby Ray5
All I Want For Christmas Is You PianoMariah CareyMariah Carey - Quiet Calm Art 43
All Night DinerTaylor SwiftUnreleased6
All of the GirlsTaylor SwiftUnreleased5
All Of The Girls You Loved BeforeTaylor SwiftLover91
All Too WellTaylor SwiftRed300
All Too Well (10 Minute Version) (Taylor's Version)Taylor SwiftRed (Taylor's Version)257
All Too Well (10 Minute Version) Sad Girl AutumnTaylor SwiftRed (Taylor's Version)219
All Too Well (10 Minute Version) Short Film Premiere LiveTaylor SwiftRed (Taylor's Version)189
All Too Well (10 Minute Version) SNL LiveTaylor SwiftRed (Taylor's Version) - SNL Live176
All Too Well (Taylor's Version)Taylor SwiftRed (Taylor's Version)174
All Too Well GrammysTaylor SwiftGrammy Awards285
All Too Well NPR LiveTaylor SwiftRed - NPR268
All Too Well rep LiveTaylor Swiftreputation Stadium Tour324
All Too Well SS LiveTaylor SwiftSuper Saturday Night272
All You Had To Do Was StayTaylor Swift1989276
All You Had to Do Was Stay (Taylor's Version)Taylor Swift1989 (Taylor's Version)44
All You Had to Do Was Stay InstrumentalTaylor SwiftQuiet Calm Art 24
All You Had To Do Was Stay LiveTaylor Swift1989 World Tour283
Am I Ready For LoveTaylor SwiftUnreleased3
American BoyTaylor SwiftUnreleased3
American GirlTaylor SwiftCovers254
American Girl Piano SXMTaylor Swiftreputation Celebration242
American KidsKenny ChesneyThrowbacks - Kenny Chesney: The Big Revival0
AngelinaTaylor SwiftUnreleased2
Angels On The MoonThriving IvoryThrowbacks - Thriving Ivory: Thriving Ivory0
Anti-HeroTaylor SwiftMidnights130
Anti-Hero (Acoustic Version)Taylor SwiftMidnights32
Anti-Hero (Feat. Bleachers)Taylor SwiftMidnights79
Anti-Hero (ILLENIUM Remix)Taylor SwiftMidnights43
Anti-Hero (Jayda G Remix)Taylor SwiftMidnights23
Anti-Hero (Kungs Remix Extended Version)Taylor SwiftMidnights27
Anti-Hero (Kungs Remix)Taylor SwiftMidnights33
Anti-Hero (Roosevelt Remix)Taylor SwiftMidnights82
Anywhere With YouMaggie RogersSurrender0
augustTaylor Swiftfolklore340
august (the long pond studio sessions)Taylor Swiftfolklore: the long pond studio sessions66
august GrammysTaylor Swiftfolklore241
august InstrumentalTaylor Swiftfolklore - Quiet Calm Art 56
BabeTaylor SwiftBigger - Feature266
Babe (Taylor's Version) (From The Vault)Taylor SwiftRed (Taylor's Version)189
Baby Don't You Break My Heart SlowTaylor SwiftUnreleased7
Back To DecemberTaylor SwiftSpeak Now293
Back to December (Taylor's Version)Taylor SwiftSpeak Now (Taylor's Version)66
Back To December AcousticTaylor SwiftSpeak Now Acoustic266
Back To December Apologize LiveTaylor SwiftSpeak Now World Tour271
Back To The StartLily AllenIt's Not Me It's You1
Bad BloodTaylor Swift1989261
Bad Blood (Taylor's Version)Taylor Swift1989 (Taylor's Version)46
Bad Blood (Taylor's Version) (Feat. Kendrick Lamar)Taylor Swift1989 (Taylor's Version)31
Bad Blood LiveTaylor Swift1989 World Tour246
Bad Blood RemixTaylor Swift1989248
Bad Blood Should've Said No rep LiveTaylor Swiftreputation Stadium Tour272
Bad Blood SS LiveTaylor SwiftSuper Saturday Night278
Bad DecisionsAriana GrandeDangerous Woman3
Bad Life (acoustic)SigridHow To Let Go (Special Edition)0
Bad Life ft. Bring Me The HorizonSigridHow To Let Go2
Bad Omens5 Seconds of Summer5SOS5 (Deluxe Edition)3
Barnyard SongTaylor SwiftUnreleased2
BasicSigridSucker Punch2
Be AlrightAriana GrandeDangerous Woman2
Be CoolMaggie RogersSurrender0
Beautiful EyesTaylor SwiftBeautiful Eyes EP295
Beautiful GhostsTaylor SwiftCats Soundtrack255
Begging For RainMaggie RogersSurrender1
Begin AgainTaylor SwiftRed253
Begin Again (Taylor's Version)Taylor SwiftRed (Taylor's Version)199
Begin Again InstrumentalTaylor SwiftQuiet Calm Art2
Being With My Baby AcousticTaylor SwiftUnreleased1
BejeweledTaylor SwiftMidnights121
Best Friends5 Seconds of Summer5SOS5 (Deluxe Edition)1
Bette Davis Eyes LiveTaylor SwiftSpeak Now World Tour260
Better ManTaylor SwiftRed223
Better Man (Taylor's Version) (From The Vault)Taylor SwiftRed (Taylor's Version)187
Better Man SS LiveTaylor SwiftSuper Saturday Night245
Better OffTaylor SwiftUnreleased7
better offAriana GrandeSweetener1
Better Than RevengeTaylor SwiftSpeak Now262
Better than Revenge (Taylor's Version)Taylor SwiftSpeak Now (Taylor's Version)62
Better Than Revenge LiveTaylor SwiftSpeak Now World Tour300
bettyTaylor Swiftfolklore353
betty (the long pond studio sessions)Taylor Swiftfolklore: the long pond studio sessions64
betty All Too Well Cornelia Street MashupTaylor SwiftQuiet Calm Art7
betty InstrumentalTaylor Swiftfolklore - Quiet Calm Art 55
Big StarLordeSolar Power0
Bigger Than The Whole SkyTaylor SwiftMidnights124
Birch Ft. Taylor SwiftBig Red MachineHow Long Do You Think It's Gonna Last?0
Biting DownLordePure Heroine0
Black HoleGriffOne Foot In Front Of The Other1
Blank SpaceTaylor Swift1989310
Blank Space - Voice MemosTaylor Swift19891
Blank Space (Taylor's Version)Taylor Swift1989 (Taylor's Version)35
Blank Space GrammysTaylor SwiftGrammy Museum282
Blank Space LiveTaylor Swift1989 World Tour265
Blank Space rep LiveTaylor Swiftreputation Stadium Tour272
Blank Space Shake It Off AMA LiveTaylor Swift1989238
Blank Space SS LiveTaylor SwiftSuper Saturday Night245
blazed (ft. Pharrell Williams)Ariana GrandeSweetener1
Bleach5 Seconds of Summer5SOS5 (Deluxe Edition)1
BLENDER5 Seconds of Summer5SOS5 (Deluxe Edition)1
BlondeMaisie PetersBlonde - Single6
Bloodhound5 Seconds of Summer5SOS5 (Deluxe Edition)1
Bloody ValentineKim PetrasTurn Off the Light0
BlueSigridHow To Let Go (Special Edition)0
Boo! Bitch!Kim PetrasTurn Off the Light2
borderline (ft. Missy Elliott)Ariana GrandeSweetener1
Both Of UsTaylor SwiftStrange Clouds - Feature259
BoyMaisie PetersYou Signed Up For This2
Brand New WorldTaylor SwiftUnreleased2
BravadoLordePure Heroine1
BreatheTaylor SwiftFearless259
Breathe (Taylor's Version)Taylor SwiftFearless (Taylor's Version)278
breathinAriana GrandeSweetener4
BreathlessTaylor SwiftUnreleased1
BrooklynMaisie PetersYou Signed Up For This2
Brought Up That WayTaylor SwiftUnreleased1
brutalOlivia RodrigoSOUR9
Burning BridgesSigridHow To Let Go4
Burning Bridges (up close, acoustic)SigridHow To Let Go (Special Edition)0
Business DinnersSigridSucker Punch1
Buzzcut SeasonLordePure Heroine3
By The WayTaylor SwiftUnreleased3
Bye Bye Baby (Taylor's Version)Taylor SwiftFearless (Taylor's Version)265
CaliforniaLordeSolar Power0
Call It What You WantTaylor Swiftreputation395
Call It What You Want Acoustic SXMTaylor Swiftreputation Celebration284
Call It What You Want InstrumentalTaylor SwiftQuiet Calm Art 25
Call It What You Want rep LiveTaylor Swiftreputation Stadium Tour334
Can I Go With YouTaylor SwiftUnreleased1
Can't Help Falling in LoveElvis PresleyBlue Hawaii1
Can't Stop Loving You BBC LiveTaylor SwiftCover245
Can't Take My Eyes off YouFrankie ValliSolo0
Caramel5 Seconds of Summer5SOS5 (Deluxe Edition)1
cardiganTaylor Swiftfolklore307
cardigan (the long pond studio sessions)Taylor Swiftfolklore: the long pond studio sessions72
cardigan GrammysTaylor Swiftfolklore277
CarolinaTaylor SwiftWhere The Crawdads Sing122
CAROUSEL5 Seconds of Summer5SOS5 (Deluxe Edition)1
Castles Crumbling (featuring Hayley Williams) (From The Vault) (Taylor's Version)Taylor SwiftSpeak Now (Taylor's Version)68
Catch Me In The AirRina SawayamaHold The Girl1
Cate's BrotherMaisie PetersCate's Brother - Single2
champagne problemsTaylor Swiftevermore366
ChandelierSiaThrowbacks - Sia: 1000 Forms of Fear3
ChangeTaylor SwiftFearless201
Change (Taylor's Version)Taylor SwiftFearless (Taylor's Version)249
Check Out This ViewTaylor SwiftUnreleased0
ChineseLily AllenIt's Not Me It's You1
Chinese SatellitePhoebe BridgersPunisher1
ChiquititaABBAABBA Gold: Greatest Hits4
Christmas Must Be Something MoreTaylor SwiftSounds of the Season4
Christmas Tree FarmTaylor SwiftChristmas Tree Farm291
Christmas Tree Farm 30 MinTaylor SwiftChristmas Tree Farm5
Christmas Tree Farm Jingle Ball LiveTaylor SwiftChristmas Tree Farm276
Christmas Tree Farm Piano InstrumentalTaylor SwiftQuiet Calm Art 42
Christmases When You Were MineTaylor SwiftSounds of the Season5
CleanTaylor Swift1989320
Clean (Taylor's Version)Taylor Swift1989 (Taylor's Version)43
Clean InstrumentalTaylor SwiftQuiet Calm Art8
Clean LiveTaylor Swift1989 World Tour322
Close Your EyesKim PetrasTurn Off the Light0
Closest To A CowboyTaylor SwiftUnreleased1
closureTaylor Swiftevermore297
Cold As YouTaylor SwiftTaylor Swift294
Come Back... Be HereTaylor SwiftRed343
Come Back... Be Here (Taylor's Version)Taylor SwiftRed (Taylor's Version)177
Come In With The RainTaylor SwiftFearless234
Come In With The Rain (Taylor's Version)Taylor SwiftFearless (Taylor's Version)279
COMPLETE MESS5 Seconds of Summer5SOS5 (Deluxe Edition)1
coney islandTaylor Swiftevermore299
Cornelia StreetTaylor SwiftLover351
Corpus Christi CarolJeff BuckleyGrace2
cowboy like meTaylor Swiftevermore308
CrazierTaylor SwiftCrazier Soundtrack257
Crazy in LoveBeyonceDangerously In Love0
Cross My HeartTaylor SwiftUnreleased1
Cruel SummerTaylor SwiftLover396
Cruel Summer (Live from Taylor Swift The Eras Tour)Taylor SwiftLover37
Cruel Summer (LP Giobbi Remix)Taylor SwiftLover23
Cruel Summer InstrumentalTaylor SwiftQuiet Calm Art 24
DancerSigridHow To Let Go3
Dancer (up close)SigridHow To Let Go (Special Edition)0
Dancing QueenABBAABBA Gold: Greatest Hits9
Dancing With Our Hands TiedTaylor Swiftreputation302
Dancing With Our Hands Tied rep LiveTaylor Swiftreputation Stadium Tour346
Dangerous WomanAriana GrandeDangerous Woman6
Dark Blue TennesseeTaylor SwiftUnreleased12
DaylightTaylor SwiftLover313
Daylight SXM LiveTaylor SwiftLover248
Dear JohnTaylor SwiftSpeak Now283
Dear John (Taylor's Version)Taylor SwiftSpeak Now (Taylor's Version)85
Dear John LiveTaylor SwiftSpeak Now World Tour251
Dear ReaderTaylor SwiftMidnights81
Death By A Thousand CutsTaylor SwiftLover345
Death by a Thousand Cuts InstrumentalTaylor SwiftQuiet Calm Art3
Death by a Thousand Cuts NPR LiveTaylor SwiftLover262
Death By SexKim PetrasTurn Off the Light3
deja vuOlivia RodrigoSOUR9
DelicateTaylor Swiftreputation303
Delicate Acoustic SpotifyTaylor Swiftreputation278
Delicate RemixTaylor Swiftreputation269
Delicate rep LiveTaylor Swiftreputation Stadium Tour278
Delicate Seeb RemixTaylor Swiftreputation308
DemonsKim PetrasTurn Off the Light1
Didn't TheyTaylor SwiftUnreleased0
Different Kind Of WorldMaggie RogersSurrender0
Does Your Mother KnowABBAABBA Gold: Greatest Hits2
DominoesLordeSolar Power0
Don't Blame MeTaylor Swiftreputation340
Don't Blame Me rep LiveTaylor Swiftreputation Stadium Tour284
Don't Feel Like CryingSigridSucker Punch2
Don't Hate Me For Loving YouTaylor SwiftUnreleased1
Don't Kill My VibeSigridDon't Kill My Vibe - EP2
Don't Kill My VibeSigridSucker Punch2
Don't StopFleetwood MacRumours2
Don't You (Taylor's Version)Taylor SwiftFearless (Taylor's Version)250
dorotheaTaylor Swiftevermore313
Down Came The RainTaylor SwiftUnreleased0
Drama QueenTaylor SwiftUnreleased12
Dream BrotherJeff BuckleyGrace2
DreamsFleetwood MacRumours4
DressTaylor Swiftreputation310
Dress rep LiveTaylor Swiftreputation Stadium Tour248
DriveTaylor SwiftCovers - Alan Jackson262
drivers licenseOlivia RodrigoSOUR5
Drops Of Jupiter LiveTaylor SwiftSpeak Now World Tour276
DVD MenuPhoebe BridgersPunisher1
DynamiteSigridDon't Kill My Vibe - EP2
DynamiteSigridSucker Punch1
Earl Grey TeaGriffOne Foot In Front Of The Other1
Easy For You To Say5 Seconds of Summer5SOS5 (Deluxe Edition)1
Electric Touch (featuring Fall Out Boy) (From The Vault) (Taylor's Version)Taylor SwiftSpeak Now (Taylor's Version)76
Elvis SongMaisie PetersYou Signed Up For This2
Emotions5 Seconds of Summer5SOS5 (Deluxe Edition)1
EnchantedTaylor SwiftSpeak Now344
Enchanted (Taylor's Version)Taylor SwiftSpeak Now (Taylor's Version)74
Enchanted InstrumentalTaylor SwiftQuiet Calm Art7
Enchanted InstrumentalTaylor SwiftQuiet Calm Art 20
Enchanted LiveTaylor SwiftSpeak Now World Tour283
Enchanted Wildest Dreams TokyoTaylor Swift1989 World Tour Tokyo40
Enchanted/Wildest Dreams LiveTaylor Swift1989 World Tour471
End GameTaylor Swiftreputation324
End Game rep LiveTaylor Swiftreputation Stadium Tour280
enough for youOlivia RodrigoSOUR3
epiphanyTaylor Swiftfolklore324
epiphany (the long pond studio sessions)Taylor Swiftfolklore: the long pond studio sessions76
Eternal LifeJeff BuckleyGrace2
evermoreTaylor Swiftevermore312
Everybody DiesKim PetrasTurn Off the Light3
Everybody Says They're FineSigridHow To Let Go0
Everybody Says They're Fine (up close)SigridHow To Let Go (Special Edition)0
EverydayAriana GrandeDangerous Woman3
Everyones At ItLily AllenIt's Not Me It's You1
Everything Has ChangedTaylor SwiftRed253
Everything Has Changed (Taylor's Version)Taylor SwiftRed (Taylor's Version)208
everytimeAriana GrandeSweetener2
exileTaylor Swiftfolklore329
exile (the long pond studio sessions)Taylor Swiftfolklore: the long pond studio sessions85
Eyes OpenTaylor SwiftThe Hunger Games259
Eyes Open (Taylor's Version)Taylor SwiftRed (Taylor's Version)86
Fake FriendsSigridDon't Kill My Vibe - EP2
Fall Back On YouTaylor SwiftUnreleased1
Fallen FruitLordeSolar Power0
Falling Asleep At The WheelHolly HumberstoneHolly Humberstone - Quiet Calm Art 21
FallingwaterMaggie RogersMaggie Rogers - Quiet Calm Art1
False GodTaylor SwiftLover294
False God SNL LiveTaylor SwiftLover273
favorite crimeOlivia RodrigoSOUR6
FearlessTaylor SwiftFearless287
Fearless (Taylor's Version)Taylor SwiftFearless (Taylor's Version)261
Fearless AcousticTaylor SwiftFearless230
Fearless DemoTaylor SwiftFearless277
Fearless I'm Yours Hey Soul Sister LiveTaylor SwiftSpeak Now World Tour338
Fearless InstrumentalTaylor SwiftQuiet Calm Art6
FernandoABBAABBA Gold: Greatest Hits3
FifteenTaylor SwiftFearless246
Fifteen (Taylor's Version)Taylor SwiftFearless (Taylor's Version)263
Fifteen LiveTaylor SwiftSpeak Now World Tour280
FireflyTaylor SwiftUnreleased1
Flatline5 Seconds of Summer5SOS5 (Deluxe Edition)1
Focus (Demo)SigridRaw - EP1
Foolish One (From The Vault) (Taylor's Version)Taylor SwiftSpeak Now (Taylor's Version)71
For YouTaylor SwiftUnreleased0
Forever & AlwaysTaylor SwiftFearless225
Forever & Always (Taylor's Version)Taylor SwiftFearless (Taylor's Version)255
Forever & Always PianoTaylor SwiftFearless237
Forever & Always Piano (Taylor's Version)Taylor SwiftFearless (Taylor's Version)267
Forever Winter (Original Demo)Taylor SwiftUnreleased7
Forever Winter (Taylor's Version) (From The Vault)Taylor SwiftRed (Taylor's Version)189
Forget HerJeff BuckleyGrace2
ForgivenessRina SawayamaHold The Girl1
FrankensteinRina SawayamaHold The Girl2
Fuck YouLily AllenIt's Not Me It's You1
Garden SongPhoebe BridgersPunisher2
GasolineTaylor SwiftHaim (feat. Taylor Swift) - Women In Music Pt III281
Get BackDemi LovatoThrowbacks - Demi Lovato: Don't Forget3
get well soonAriana GrandeSweetener1
Getaway CarTaylor Swiftreputation358
Getaway Car InstrumentalTaylor SwiftQuiet Calm Art5
Getaway Car rep LiveTaylor Swiftreputation Stadium Tour255
GhostBusters ThemeTaylor SwiftQuiet Calm Art 210
Gimme Gimme Gimme A Man After MidnightABBAABBA Gold: Greatest Hits2
Girl At HomeTaylor SwiftRed248
Girl At Home (Taylor's Version)Taylor SwiftRed (Taylor's Version)186
GlitchTaylor SwiftMidnights98
Glory and GoreLordePure Heroine1
Go Your Own WayFleetwood MacRumours2
God is a womanAriana GrandeSweetener1
Gold Dust WomanFleetwood MacRumours2
gold rushTaylor Swiftevermore310
good 4 uOlivia RodrigoSOUR17
Good EnoughMaisie PetersGood Enough - Single4
goodnight n goAriana GrandeSweetener2
GorgeousTaylor Swiftreputation321
Gorgeous rep LiveTaylor Swiftreputation Stadium Tour266
GraceJeff BuckleyGrace2
Graceland TooPhoebe BridgersPunisher1
Gracie AcousticTaylor SwiftUnreleased1
GreedyAriana GrandeDangerous Woman7
Green LightLordeMelodrama15
GrowSigridHow To Let Go2
Grow (up close)SigridHow To Let Go (Special Edition)0
Half Of My HeartTaylor SwiftBattle Studies - Feature275
HallelujahJeff BuckleyGrace2
HalloweenPhoebe BridgersPunisher1
happierOlivia RodrigoSOUR12
happinessTaylor Swiftevermore279
Hard Feelings-LovelessLordeMelodrama8
HauntedTaylor SwiftSpeak Now285
Haunted (Taylor's Version)Taylor SwiftSpeak Now (Taylor's Version)73
Haunted AcousticTaylor SwiftSpeak Now Acoustic325
Haunted LiveTaylor SwiftSpeak Now World Tour265
HAZE5 Seconds of Summer5SOS5 (Deluxe Edition)1
He Wasnt ThereLily AllenIt's Not Me It's You1
Head On FireGriff & SigridHead On Fire - Single2
Head On Fire Ft. King Princess & MØGriff & Sigrid Ft. King Princess & MØHead On Fire - Single1
Heart Of GoldGriffOne Foot In Front Of The Other1
Helen of TroyLordeSolar Power0
Here Comes Santa Claus PianoTaylor SwiftQuiet Calm Art 40
Here You Come AgainTaylor SwiftUnreleased0
Hey StephenTaylor SwiftFearless251
Hey Stephen (Taylor's Version)Taylor SwiftFearless (Taylor's Version)238
High FiveSigridRaw - EP2
High InfidelityTaylor SwiftMidnights101
High NoteSigridHow To Let Go2
High Note (up close)SigridHow To Let Go (Special Edition)0
Highway Don't CareTaylor SwiftTwo Lanes of Freedom - Feature235
HimLily AllenIt's Not Me It's You1
Hits DifferentTaylor SwiftMidnights139
hoaxTaylor Swiftfolklore294
hoax (the long pond studio sessions)Taylor Swiftfolklore: the long pond studio sessions74
Hold No GrudgeLordeSolar Power0
Hold The GirlRina SawayamaHold The Girl2
HollowMaisie PetersYou Signed Up For This2
Holy (Til You Let Me Go)Rina SawayamaHold The Girl1
Holy GroundTaylor SwiftRed241
Holy Ground (Taylor's Version)Taylor SwiftRed (Taylor's Version)193
Holy Ground BBC LiveTaylor SwiftRed - BBC291
Holy Ground F1 LiveTaylor SwiftCOTA Formula 1 Austin237
Holy Ground InstrumentalTaylor SwiftQuiet Calm Art4
Homemade DynamiteLordeMelodrama10
HoneyMaggie RogersSurrender0
Honey BabyTaylor SwiftUnreleased0
hope ur okOlivia RodrigoSOUR5
HorsesMaggie RogersSurrender0
How You Get The GirlTaylor Swift1989291
How You Get the Girl (Taylor's Version)Taylor Swift1989 (Taylor's Version)48
How You Get The Girl GrammysTaylor SwiftGrammy Museum268
How You Get the Girl InstrumentalTaylor SwiftQuiet Calm Art1
How You Get The Girl LiveTaylor Swift1989 World Tour273
How You Like That AcousticBlackpinkBlackpink - Quiet Calm Art 32
HurricanesRina SawayamaHold The Girl1
Hysteria ft. Def LeppardTaylor SwiftDef Leppard1
I Almost DoTaylor SwiftRed254
I Almost Do (Taylor's Version)Taylor SwiftRed (Taylor's Version)196
I Bet You Think About Me (Taylor's Version) (From The Vault)Taylor SwiftRed (Taylor's Version)202
I Can See You (From The Vault) (Taylor's Version)Taylor SwiftSpeak Now (Taylor's Version)96
I Could SayLily AllenIt's Not Me It's You1
I Did Something BadTaylor Swiftreputation312
I Did Something Bad rep LiveTaylor Swiftreputation Stadium Tour365
I Don't CareAriana GrandeDangerous Woman0
I Don't Wanna Live ForeverTaylor SwiftFifty Shades Darker Soundtrack265
I Don't Wanna Live Forever SS LiveTaylor SwiftSuper Saturday Night327
I Don't Want to KnowSigridRaw - EP1
I Don't Want to KnowFleetwood MacRumours2
I Don't Want To Miss A ThingAerosmithI Don't Want To Miss A Thing - EP0
i don’t wanna die…Kim PetrasTurn Off the Light3
I Dont Wanna Live Forever InstrumentalTaylor SwiftQuiet Calm Art2
I Forgot That You ExistedTaylor SwiftLover306
I Forgot That You Existed InstrumentalTaylor SwiftQuiet Calm Art 23
I Have A DreamABBAABBA Gold: Greatest Hits1
I HeartTaylor SwiftUnreleased33
I Heart Question Mark DemoTaylor SwiftUnreleased0
I Knew You Were Trouble (Taylor's Version)Taylor SwiftRed (Taylor's Version)173
I Knew You Were Trouble AMA LiveTaylor SwiftRed - AMA262
I Knew You Were Trouble InstrumentalTaylor SwiftQuiet Calm Art 24
I Knew You Were Trouble LiveTaylor Swift1989 World Tour378
I Knew You Were Trouble SeineTaylor SwiftLive on the Seine341
I Knew You Were Trouble SS LiveTaylor SwiftSuper Saturday Night332
I Knew You Were Trouble.Taylor SwiftRed438
I Know PlacesTaylor Swift1989259
I Know Places (Taylor's Version)Taylor Swift1989 (Taylor's Version)33
I Know Places LiveTaylor Swift1989 World Tour272
I Know The EndPhoebe BridgersPunisher2
I Know What I WantTaylor SwiftUnreleased3
I Think He KnowsTaylor SwiftLover329
I Used To FlyTaylor SwiftUnreleased0
I Want You BackTaylor SwiftCovers255
I Want You Back LiveTaylor SwiftSpeak Now World Tour244
I Wish You WouldTaylor Swift1989257
I Wish You Would (Taylor's Version)Taylor Swift1989 (Taylor's Version)32
I Wish You Would LiveTaylor Swift1989 World Tour255
I Wished On A PlaneTaylor SwiftUnreleased0
I'd LieTaylor SwiftUnreleased27
I'll Be Home For Christmas PianoTaylor SwiftQuiet Calm Art 40
I'm Every WomanTaylor SwiftUnreleased1
I'm Only Me When I'm With YouTaylor SwiftTaylor Swift291
I'm Trying (Not Friends)Maisie PetersYou Signed Up For This2
I've Got A FriendMaggie RogersSurrender0
Ice Cream AcousticBlackpink - Selena GomezBlackpink / Selena Gomez - Quiet Calm Art 30
ICUPhoebe BridgersPunisher1
If This Was A MovieTaylor SwiftSpeak Now298
If This Was A Movie (Taylor's Version)Taylor SwiftFearless (Taylor's Version)86
illicit affairsTaylor Swiftfolklore318
illicit affairs (the long pond studio sessions)Taylor Swiftfolklore: the long pond studio sessions85
ImaginingRina SawayamaHold The Girl1
In Da Club50 CentThrowbacks - 50 Cent: Get Rich Or Die Tryin1
In The Next LifeKim PetrasTurn Off the Light0
In The Pouring RainTaylor SwiftUnreleased0
In VainSigridSucker Punch1
InnocentTaylor SwiftSpeak Now239
Innocent (Taylor's Version)Taylor SwiftSpeak Now (Taylor's Version)62
Into YouAriana GrandeDangerous Woman6
InvisibleTaylor SwiftTaylor Swift278
invisible stringTaylor Swiftfolklore285
invisible string (the long pond studio sessions)Taylor Swiftfolklore: the long pond studio sessions67
Is It Over Now? (From The Vault)Taylor Swift1989 (Taylor's Version)50
Isn't She LovelyStevie WonderThe Definitive Collection1
It Gets DarkSigridHow To Let Go4
It Gets Dark (out in space, acoustic)SigridHow To Let Go (Special Edition)0
It's Nice To Have A FriendTaylor SwiftLover300
It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year PianoTaylor SwiftQuiet Calm Art 40
it's time to goTaylor Swiftevermore282
ivyTaylor Swiftevermore291
jealousy jealousyOlivia RodrigoSOUR11
Jingle Bells PianoTaylor SwiftQuiet Calm Art 40
John Hughes MovieMaisie PetersYou Signed Up For This2
Jump Then FallTaylor SwiftFearless251
Jump Then Fall (Taylor's Version)Taylor SwiftFearless (Taylor's Version)276
Just a DreamTaylor SwiftUnreleased0
Just South Of Knowing Why Drive All NightTaylor SwiftUnreleased1
KarmaTaylor SwiftMidnights114
Karma (ft. Ice Spice)Taylor SwiftMidnights91
King Of My HeartTaylor Swiftreputation320
King of My Heart Cornelia Street MashupTaylor SwiftQuiet Calm Art7
King of My Heart rep LiveTaylor Swiftreputation Stadium Tour360
Knew Better Forever BoyAriana GrandeDangerous Woman0
KnivesKim PetrasTurn Off the Light0
Knowing Me Knowing YouABBAABBA Gold: Greatest Hits1
KyotoPhoebe BridgersPunisher1
La La LaLMFAOThrowbacks - LMFAO: Party Rock2
LabyrinthTaylor SwiftMidnights109
LandslideFleetwood MacFleetwood Mac - Quiet Calm Art0
Last ChristmasTaylor SwiftSounds of the Season6
Last Christmas Piano.mp3Taylor SwiftQuiet Calm Art 40
Last GoodbyeJeff BuckleyGrace3
Last KissTaylor SwiftSpeak Now291
Last Kiss (Taylor's Version)Taylor SwiftSpeak Now (Taylor's Version)75
Last Kiss LiveTaylor SwiftSpeak Now World Tour256
Last To KnowSigridHow To Let Go3
Last To Know (up close)SigridHow To Let Go (Special Edition)0
Lavender HazeTaylor SwiftMidnights116
Lay All Your Love On MeABBAABBA Gold: Greatest Hits2
Leader of a New RegimeLordeSolar Power0
Leave Me LonelyAriana GrandeDangerous Woman1
Let It Snow PianoTaylor SwiftQuiet Calm Art 40
Let Me Love YouAriana GrandeDangerous Woman0
Let's GoTaylor SwiftUnreleased28
Level UpSigridSucker Punch2
Liability (Reprise)LordeMelodrama5
Lilac WineJeff BuckleyGrace2
Lips of an AngelHinderThrowbacks - Hinder: Extreme Behavior0
Live For The Little ThingsTaylor SwiftUnreleased1
London BoyTaylor SwiftLover335
London Boy BBC LiveTaylor SwiftLover245
Long LiveTaylor SwiftSpeak Now289
Long Live (Taylor's Version)Taylor SwiftSpeak Now (Taylor's Version)82
Long Live LiveTaylor SwiftSpeak Now World Tour276
Long Live New Year's Day rep LiveTaylor Swiftreputation Stadium Tour346
long story shortTaylor Swiftevermore296
Long Time ComingTaylor SwiftUnreleased1
Look At You Like ThatTaylor SwiftUnreleased2
Look What You Made Me DoTaylor Swiftreputation361
Look What You Made Me Do InstrumentalTaylor SwiftQuiet Calm Art1
Look What You Made Me Do Intro rep LiveTaylor Swiftreputation Stadium Tour340
Look What You Made Me Do rep LiveTaylor Swiftreputation Stadium Tour344
Love ft. Def LeppardTaylor SwiftDef Leppard0
Love Him I Don'tMaisie PetersYou Signed Up For This2
Love StoryTaylor SwiftFearless279
Love Story (Elvira Remix) (Taylor's Version)Taylor SwiftFearless (Taylor's Version)269
Love Story (Taylor's Version)Taylor SwiftFearless (Taylor's Version)272
Love Story 1989Taylor SwiftFearless304
Love Story 2.0Taylor SwiftFearless251
Love Story AMA LiveTaylor SwiftFearless270
Love Story ft. Def LeppardTaylor SwiftDef Leppard0
Love Story InstrumentalTaylor SwiftQuiet Calm Art 24
Love Story LiveTaylor Swift1989 World Tour283
Love Story SeineTaylor SwiftLive on the Seine290
Love Story SN LiveTaylor SwiftSpeak Now World Tour286
Love They Haven't Thought Of YetTaylor SwiftUnreleased0
Love To LoseTaylor SwiftUnreleased2
LoverTaylor SwiftLover366
Lover AMA LiveTaylor SwiftLover264
Lover BBC LiveTaylor SwiftLover275
Lover InstrumentalTaylor SwiftQuiet Calm Art5
Lover NPR LiveTaylor SwiftLover259
Lover SNL LiveTaylor SwiftLover257
Lover, You Should've Come OverJeff BuckleyGrace2
Lovesick Girls AcousticBlackpinkBlackpink - Quiet Calm Art 30
Lucky YouTaylor SwiftUnreleased7
mad womanTaylor Swiftfolklore293
mad woman (the long pond studio sessions)Taylor Swiftfolklore: the long pond studio sessions70
Mamma MiaABBAABBA Gold: Greatest Hits7
MandolinTaylor SwiftUnreleased1
Mariners Apartment ComplexLana Del ReyLana Del Rey - Quiet Calm Art4
marjorieTaylor Swiftevermore281
MaroonTaylor SwiftMidnights144
Marry YouBruno MarsDoo-Wops & Hooligans1
Mary's Song Oh My My MyTaylor SwiftTaylor Swift345
MassacreKim PetrasTurn Off the Light0
MastermindTaylor SwiftMidnights100
MatchesTaylor SwiftUnreleased3
Me And BritneyTaylor SwiftUnreleased1
Me Myself & I5 Seconds of Summer5SOS5 (Deluxe Edition)1
ME!Taylor SwiftLover364
MeanTaylor SwiftSpeak Now298
Mean (Taylor's Version)Taylor SwiftSpeak Now (Taylor's Version)80
Mean LiveTaylor SwiftSpeak Now World Tour270
Message In A Bottle (Fat Max G Remix) (From The Vault)Taylor SwiftRed (Taylor's Version)161
Message In A Bottle (Taylor's Version) (From The Vault)Taylor SwiftRed (Taylor's Version)181
Meteor ShowerTaylor SwiftQuiet Calm Art 40
Midnight RainTaylor SwiftMidnights117
Million Dollar BillsLordePure Heroine1
MineTaylor SwiftSpeak Now277
Mine (Taylor's Version)Taylor SwiftSpeak Now (Taylor's Version)69
Mine InstrumentalTaylor SwiftQuiet Calm Art 24
Mine LiveTaylor SwiftSpeak Now World Tour291
Mine Pop MixTaylor SwiftSpeak Now264
Mine Right NowSigridSucker Punch2
Minor FeelingsRina SawayamaHold The Girl1
MirrorSigridHow To Let Go3
Mirror (by the piano, acoustic)SigridHow To Let Go (Special Edition)0
mirrorballTaylor Swiftfolklore306
mirrorball (the long pond studio sessions)Taylor Swiftfolklore: the long pond studio sessions76
Miss Americana & The Heartbreak PrinceTaylor SwiftLover303
Miss Americana and the Heartbreak Prince InstrumentalTaylor SwiftQuiet Calm Art 26
Miss Americana and the Heartbreak Prince So It Goes MashupTaylor SwiftQuiet Calm Art7
Mistake Like YouSigridHow To Let Go2
Mistake Like You (up close)SigridHow To Let Go (Special Edition)0
Mojo PinJeff BuckleyGrace2
Money Money MoneyABBAABBA Gold: Greatest Hits3
Monster MashBobby PickettBobby Pickett - Quiet Calm Art 21
Mood RingLordeSolar Power0
Moodswings5 Seconds of Summer5SOS5 (Deluxe Edition)1
Moon SongPhoebe BridgersPunisher2
MoonlightAriana GrandeDangerous Woman3
Mr. Perfectly Fine (Taylor's Version)Taylor SwiftFearless (Taylor's Version)317
My CureTaylor SwiftUnreleased1
My Songs Know What You DidTaylor SwiftCovers268
my tears ricochetTaylor Swiftfolklore341
my tears ricochet (the long pond studio sessions)Taylor Swiftfolklore: the long pond studio sessions87
My Turn To Be MeTaylor SwiftUnreleased1
NashvilleTaylor SwiftSpeak Now World Tour242
NeedTaylor SwiftUnreleased41
Need You NowTaylor SwiftUnreleased5
Never Going Back AgainFleetwood MacRumours1
Never Gonna HappenLily AllenIt's Not Me It's You1
Never Grow UpTaylor SwiftSpeak Now246
Never Grow Up (Taylor's Version)Taylor SwiftSpeak Now (Taylor's Version)58
Never MindTaylor SwiftUnreleased13
Never Mind CountryTaylor SwiftUnreleased1
Never MineSigridSucker Punch2
New RomanticsTaylor Swift1989319
New Romantics (Taylor's Version)Taylor Swift1989 (Taylor's Version)29
New Romantics LiveTaylor Swift1989 World Tour270
New Romantics SS LiveTaylor SwiftSuper Saturday Night251
New Years DayTaylor Swiftreputation313
New Years Day InstrumentalTaylor SwiftQuiet Calm Art 25
New Years Day PianoTaylor Swiftreputation287
New Years Day Piano SXMTaylor Swiftreputation Celebration256
No BetterLordePure Heroine0
no body, no crimeTaylor Swiftevermore311
no tears left to cryAriana GrandeSweetener5
Not Another RockstarMaisie PetersNot Another Rockstar - Single0
Not FairLily AllenIt's Not Me It's You2
Nothing New (Taylor's Version) (From The Vault)Taylor SwiftRed (Taylor's Version)209
Now That We Don't Talk (From The Vault)Taylor Swift1989 (Taylor's Version)47
O Christmas Tree PianoTaylor SwiftQuiet Calm Art 42
o m e nKim PetrasTurn Off the Light0
Oceanic FeelingLordeSolar Power0
Oh DaddyFleetwood MacRumours3
Oh My My My DemoTaylor SwiftTaylor Swift264
Oh No!MARINAThrowbacks - MARINA: The Family Jewels8
Older ft. Sierra Deaton5 Seconds of Summer5SOS5 (Deluxe Edition)1
One Foot in Front of the OtherGriffOne Foot In Front Of The Other1
One Of UsABBAABBA Gold: Greatest Hits2
One ThingTaylor SwiftUnreleased1
One Thing StudioTaylor SwiftUnreleased1
Only OneYellowcardYellowcard - Quiet Calm Art 30
Only The YoungTaylor SwiftOnly The Young294
Only the Young InstrumentalTaylor SwiftQuiet Calm Art2
Our Last NightTaylor SwiftUnreleased0
Our Last Night AcousticTaylor SwiftUnreleased0
Our SongTaylor SwiftTaylor Swift299
Our Song ft. Def LeppardTaylor SwiftDef Leppard0
Our Song InstrumentalTaylor SwiftQuiet Calm Art 24
Our Song LiveTaylor SwiftSpeak Now World Tour270
Our Song Pop MixTaylor SwiftTaylor Swift263
OursTaylor SwiftSpeak Now295
Ours (Taylor's Version)Taylor SwiftSpeak Now (Taylor's Version)66
Ours LiveTaylor SwiftSpeak Now World Tour282
Out of LoveAlessia CaraAlessia Cara - Quiet Calm Art 20
Out Of The WoodsTaylor Swift1989314
Out of the Woods (Taylor's Version)Taylor Swift1989 (Taylor's Version)35
Out Of The Woods Grammy AwardsTaylor SwiftGrammy Awards278
Out Of The Woods GrammysTaylor SwiftGrammy Museum277
Out of the Woods InstrumentalTaylor SwiftQuiet Calm Art 21
Out Of The Woods LiveTaylor Swift1989 World Tour255
Out Of The Woods SS LiveTaylor SwiftSuper Saturday Night335
Outdoor PoolMaisie PetersYou Signed Up For This2
OverdriveMaggie RogersSurrender0
Paper RingsTaylor SwiftLover336
ParadiseColdplayThrowbacks - Coldplay: Mylo Xyloto3
ParisTaylor SwiftMidnights102
Party Till I DieKim PetrasTurn Off the Light0
peaceTaylor Swiftfolklore269
peace (the long pond studio sessions)Taylor Swiftfolklore: the long pond studio sessions79
PeacockKaty PerryKaty Perry - Quiet Calm Art 21
Perfect Have I Loved Acoustic DemoTaylor SwiftUnreleased0
Perfect PlacesLordeMelodrama15
Permanent MarkerTaylor SwiftUnreleased9
pete davidsonAriana GrandeSweetener1
PhantomRina SawayamaHold The Girl1
Photograph ft. Def LeppardTaylor SwiftDef Leppard0
Picture To BurnTaylor SwiftTaylor Swift305
Picture To Burn ft. Def LeppardTaylor SwiftDef Leppard1
Plot TwistSigridDon't Kill My Vibe - EP2
Point Of ViewTaylor SwiftUnreleased0
Pour Some Sugar On Me ft. Def LeppardTaylor SwiftDef Leppard0
PsychoMaisie PetersYou Signed Up For This4
PunisherPhoebe BridgersPunisher1
PurgatoryKim PetrasTurn Off the Light1
Question...?Taylor SwiftMidnights100
R-E-V-E-N-G-ETaylor SwiftUnreleased16
R.E.MAriana GrandeSweetener1
Rain SongTaylor SwiftUnreleased0
raindrops (an angel cried)Ariana GrandeSweetener2
RawSigridRaw - EP2
Ready For ItTaylor Swiftreputation313
Ready for It BloodPopTaylor Swiftreputation280
Ready For It rep LiveTaylor Swiftreputation Stadium Tour329
RedTaylor SwiftRed338
Red (Taylor's Version)Taylor SwiftRed (Taylor's Version)190
Red DemoTaylor SwiftRed278
Red Line5 Seconds of Summer5SOS5 (Deluxe Edition)1
Red SeineTaylor SwiftRed - Live on the Seine256
RED SS LiveTaylor SwiftSuper Saturday Night260
Remembering My DreamsGriffOne Foot In Front Of The Other1
Renegade (Pop Version) Ft. Taylor SwiftBig Red MachineHow Long Do You Think It's Gonna Last?1
Renegade Ft. Taylor SwiftBig Red MachineHow Long Do You Think It's Gonna Last?7
reputation Intro rep LiveTaylor Swiftreputation Stadium Tour264
Revelator EyesThe Paper KitesThe Paper Kites - Quiet Calm Art 30
RibsLordePure Heroine17
right where you left meTaylor Swiftevermore334
RiptideTaylor SwiftCovers234
Risk Of Getting HurtSigridHow To Let Go3
Risk Of Getting Hurt (up close)SigridHow To Let Go (Special Edition)0
Rockin Around The Christmas Tree PianoTaylor SwiftQuiet Calm Art 40
RonanTaylor SwiftRonan20
Ronan (Taylor's Version)Taylor SwiftRed (Taylor's Version)198
RoyalsLordePure Heroine5
Run (Taylor's Version) (From The Vault)Taylor SwiftRed (Taylor's Version)208
Run ft. Def LeppardTaylor SwiftDef Leppard1
Run George StraitTaylor SwiftCovers242
S.O.S.ABBAABBA Gold: Greatest Hits2
Sad Beautiful TragicTaylor SwiftRed302
Sad Beautiful Tragic (Taylor's Version)Taylor SwiftRed (Taylor's Version)180
Safe & SoundTaylor SwiftThe Hunger Games Soundtrack283
Safe & Sound (feat. Joy Williams & John Boy) (Taylor's Version)Taylor SwiftRed (Taylor's Version)97
Same GirlTaylor SwiftUnreleased0
Sandalwood I.mp3Jonny GreenwoodJonny Greenwood - Quiet Calm Art 20
Santa BabyTaylor SwiftSounds of the Season4
Santa Tell Me PianoAriana GrandeAriana Grande - Quiet Calm Art 41
SaturnSleeping At LastSleeping at Last - Quiet Calm Art 20
Savior ComplexPhoebe BridgersPunisher2
Say Don't Go (From The Vault)Taylor Swift1989 (Taylor's Version)41
SchedulesSigridRaw - EP1
Second Hand NewsFleetwood MacRumours1
Secrets from a Girl (Who's Seen It All)LordeSolar Power0
Send My Love To JohnRina SawayamaHold The Girl1
September Acoustic SpotifyTaylor SwiftCovers286
sevenTaylor Swiftfolklore314
seven (the long pond studio sessions)Taylor Swiftfolklore: the long pond studio sessions60
seven InstrumentalTaylor Swiftfolklore - Quiet Calm Art 55
Shade Of YellowGriffOne Foot In Front Of The Other1
Shake It OffTaylor Swift1989269
Shake It Off (Taylor's Version)Taylor Swift1989 (Taylor's Version)40
Shake It Off AcousticTaylor Swift1989 Acoustic267
Shake It Off LiveTaylor Swift1989 World Tour258
Shake It Off rep LiveTaylor Swiftreputation Stadium Tour274
Shake It Off SS LiveTaylor SwiftSuper Saturday Night312
ShatterMaggie RogersSurrender0
Should've Said NoTaylor SwiftTaylor Swift278
Should've Said No USTaylor SwiftTaylor Swift286
Side To SideAriana GrandeDangerous Woman2
Sight Of YouSigridSucker Punch2
Silent NightTaylor SwiftSounds of the Season0
Silver SpringsFleetwood MacRumours1
Small ThingsBen HowardBen Howard - Quiet Calm Art 30
Smokey Black NightsTaylor SwiftUnreleased2
SmoothSantana - Rob ThomasThrowbacks - Santana, Rob Thomas: Supernatural0
Snow On The Beach (ft. More Lana Del Rey)Taylor SwiftMidnights75
Snow On The Beach ft. Lana Del ReyTaylor SwiftMidnights118
So It GoesTaylor Swiftreputation321
So It Goes rep LiveTaylor Swiftreputation Stadium Tour251
So RealJeff BuckleyGrace3
Sober IILordeMelodrama14
Solar PowerLordeSolar Power10
SometimesAriana GrandeDangerous Woman4
SongbirdFleetwood MacRumours1
Soon You'll Get BetterTaylor SwiftLover268
Space GirlTaylor SwiftQuiet Calm Art 40
Sparks FlyTaylor SwiftSpeak Now285
Sparks Fly (Taylor's Version)Taylor SwiftSpeak Now (Taylor's Version)77
Sparks Fly InstrumentalTaylor SwiftQuiet Calm Art5
Sparks Fly LiveTaylor SwiftSpeak Now World Tour248
Sparks Fly Original LyricsTaylor SwiftSpeak Now212
Speak NowTaylor SwiftSpeak Now274
Speak Now (Taylor's Version)Taylor SwiftSpeak Now (Taylor's Version)84
Speak Now LiveTaylor SwiftSpeak Now World Tour294
Spinning AroundTaylor SwiftUnreleased0
StarlightTaylor SwiftRed229
Starlight (Taylor's Version)Taylor SwiftRed (Taylor's Version)177
Starlight InstrumentalTaylor SwiftQuiet Calm Art 21
State Of GraceTaylor SwiftRed306
State Of Grace (Acoustic) (Taylor's Version)Taylor SwiftRed (Taylor's Version)172
State of Grace (Taylor's Version)Taylor SwiftRed (Taylor's Version)185
State Of Grace AcousticTaylor SwiftRed Acoustic254
State of Grace InstrumentalTaylor SwiftQuiet Calm Art4
Stay BeautifulTaylor SwiftTaylor Swift245
Stay Stay StayTaylor SwiftRed261
Stay Stay Stay (Taylor's Version)Taylor SwiftRed (Taylor's Version)182
StepsHandsome GhostHandsome Ghost - Quiet Calm Art 46
Still into YouParamoreParamore2
Still SaneLordePure Heroine0
Stoned at the Nail SalonLordeSolar Power0
StrangersSigridSucker Punch2
Stupid BoyTaylor SwiftUnreleased2
StyleTaylor Swift1989322
Style (Taylor's Version)Taylor Swift1989 (Taylor's Version)44
Style InstrumentalTaylor SwiftQuiet Calm Art4
Style LiveTaylor Swift1989 World Tour315
Style Love Story You Belong With Me rep LiveTaylor Swiftreputation Stadium Tour297
Suburban Legends (From The Vault)Taylor Swift1989 (Taylor's Version)42
successfulAriana GrandeSweetener2
Sucker PunchSigridSucker Punch4
SugarTaylor SwiftUnreleased1
Super TrouperABBAABBA Gold: Greatest Hits4
SupermanTaylor SwiftSpeak Now264
Superman (Taylor's Version)Taylor SwiftSpeak Now (Taylor's Version)65
SuperstarTaylor SwiftFearless234
Superstar (Taylor's Version)Taylor SwiftFearless (Taylor's Version)271
Sweet Escape LiveTaylor SwiftSpeak Now World Tour254
Sweet NothingTaylor SwiftMidnights125
Sweet Nothing (Piano Remix)Taylor SwiftMidnights100
Sweet Tea And God's GracesTaylor SwiftUnreleased3
sweetenerAriana GrandeSweetener2
Sweeter Than FictionTaylor SwiftOne Chance Soundtrack291
Sweeter Than Fiction (Taylor's Version)Taylor Swift1989 (Taylor's Version)28
Swingin PartyLordePure Heroine0
SymphonyMaggie RogersSurrender0
Take A Chance On MeABBAABBA Gold: Greatest Hits3
Take Me Home Country RoadsJohn DenverThrowbacks - John Denver: The John Denver Collection5
Take My Hand (Joshua Tree version)5 Seconds of Summer5SOS5 (Deluxe Edition)1
Talking To StrangersMaisie PetersYou Signed Up For This2
TeamLordePure Heroine15
Teardrops On My GuitarTaylor SwiftTaylor Swift292
Teardrops On My Guitar ft. Def LeppardTaylor SwiftDef Leppard0
Teardrops On My Guitar PopTaylor SwiftTaylor Swift279
TEARS!5 Seconds of Summer5SOS5 (Deluxe Edition)1
Tell MeTaylor SwiftUnreleased2
Tell Me It's A NightmareKim PetrasTurn Off the Light0
Tell Me WhyTaylor SwiftFearless222
Tell Me Why (Taylor's Version)Taylor SwiftFearless (Taylor's Version)261
Ten Dollars And A Six PackTaylor SwiftUnreleased0
Tennis CourtLordePure Heroine4
Thank Me LaterSigridHow To Let Go4
Thank Me Later (up close)SigridHow To Let Go (Special Edition)0
Thank You For The MusicABBAABBA Gold: Greatest Hits2
That's LifeTaylor SwiftUnreleased1
That's When (Taylor's Version)Taylor SwiftFearless (Taylor's Version)258
That's Where I AmMaggie RogersSurrender0
Thats WhenTaylor SwiftUnreleased19
the 1Taylor Swiftfolklore299
the 1 (the long pond studio sessions)Taylor Swiftfolklore: the long pond studio sessions74
The ArcherTaylor SwiftLover313
The Archer BBC LiveTaylor SwiftLover259
The Archer SXM LiveTaylor SwiftLover291
The Best DayTaylor SwiftFearless245
The Best Day (Taylor's Version)Taylor SwiftFearless (Taylor's Version)250
The ChainFleetwood MacRumours4
The Diary Of MeTaylor SwiftUnreleased7
The DrivewayMiley CyrusMiley Cyrus - Quiet Calm Art 51
The FearLily AllenIt's Not Me It's You1
The Great WarTaylor SwiftMidnights122
The Joker And The Queen (feat. Taylor Swift)Ed Sheeran=25
the lakesTaylor Swiftfolklore272
the lakes (the long pond studio sessions)Taylor Swiftfolklore: the long pond studio sessions67
the last great american dynastyTaylor Swiftfolklore288
the last great american dynasty (the long pond studio sessions)Taylor Swiftfolklore: the long pond studio sessions68
The Last TimeTaylor SwiftRed265
The Last Time (Taylor's Version)Taylor SwiftRed (Taylor's Version)206
The Last Time InstrumentalTaylor SwiftQuiet Calm Art0
the light is coming (ft. Nicki Minaj)Ariana GrandeSweetener2
The LouvreLordeMelodrama9
The Love ClubLordePure Heroine0
The Lucky OneTaylor SwiftRed246
The Lucky One (Taylor's Version)Taylor SwiftRed (Taylor's Version)198
The ManTaylor SwiftLover312
The Man AMA LiveTaylor SwiftLover296
The Man InstrumentalTaylor SwiftQuiet Calm Art 21
The Man NPR LiveTaylor SwiftLover248
The Man with the AxeLordeSolar Power0
The Moment I KnewTaylor SwiftRed235
The Moment I Knew (Taylor's Version)Taylor SwiftRed (Taylor's Version)172
The Moment I Knew InstrumentalTaylor SwiftQuiet Calm Art 20
The Name Of The GameABBAABBA Gold: Greatest Hits4
The Other Side Of The DoorTaylor SwiftFearless231
The Other Side Of The Door (Taylor's Version)Taylor SwiftFearless (Taylor's Version)266
The OutsideTaylor SwiftTaylor Swift256
The PathLordeSolar Power0
The Story Of UsTaylor SwiftSpeak Now369
The Story of Us (Taylor's Version)Taylor SwiftSpeak Now (Taylor's Version)57
The Story of Us InstrumentalTaylor SwiftQuiet Calm Art2
The Story Of Us LiveTaylor SwiftSpeak Now World Tour340
The Very First Night (Taylor's Version) (From The Vault)Taylor SwiftRed (Taylor's Version)174
The Way I Loved YouTaylor SwiftFearless242
The Way I Loved You (Taylor's Version)Taylor SwiftFearless (Taylor's Version)271
The Winner Takes It AllABBAABBA Gold: Greatest Hits1
There Will Be BloodKim PetrasTurn Off the Light0
Thinking About YouTaylor SwiftUnreleased2
Thinking Bout YouAriana GrandeDangerous Woman0
Thirteen BlocksTaylor SwiftUnreleased4
This HellRina SawayamaHold The Girl2
This Is HalloweenTaylor SwiftQuiet Calm Art 22
this is me tryingTaylor Swiftfolklore326
this is me trying (the long pond studio sessions)Taylor Swiftfolklore: the long pond studio sessions74
This Is Really HappeningTaylor SwiftUnreleased6
This Is What You Came For DemoTaylor SwiftUnreleased10
This Is What You Came For SS LiveTaylor SwiftSuper Saturday Night315
This Is Why We Can't Have Nice ThingsTaylor Swiftreputation302
This LoveTaylor Swift1989284
This Love (Taylor's Version)Taylor Swift1989 (Taylor's Version)152
This Love LiveTaylor Swift1989 World Tour266
Three Sad VirginsTaylor SwiftSNL 202132
ThrillerMichael JacksonMichael Jackson - Quiet Calm Art 21
Thug StoryTaylor SwiftFearless334
Tied Together With A SmileTaylor SwiftTaylor Swift271
Till Brad Pitt Comes AlongTaylor SwiftUnreleased3
Tim McgrawTaylor SwiftTaylor Swift300
Tim McGraw AcousticTaylor SwiftTaylor Swift Acoustic249
Timeless (From The Vault) (Taylor's Version)Taylor SwiftSpeak Now (Taylor's Version)79
To Be AliveRina SawayamaHold The Girl1
To ZionLauryn Hill - Carlos SantanaThrowbacks - Ms. Lauryn Hill, Carlos Santana: The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill0
Today Was a FairytaleTaylor SwiftValentine's Day250
Today Was A Fairytale (Taylor's Version)Taylor SwiftFearless (Taylor's Version)286
Today Was A Fairytale InstrumentalTaylor SwiftQuiet Calm Art1
tolerate itTaylor Swiftevermore292
TornNatalie ImbrugliaThrowbacks - Natalie Imbruglia: Left of the Middle10
Touch ItAriana GrandeDangerous Woman7
Tough ActMaisie PetersYou Signed Up For This2
traitorOlivia RodrigoSOUR15
TRANSylvaniaKim PetrasTurn Off the Light0
TreacherousTaylor SwiftRed249
Treacherous (Taylor's Version)Taylor SwiftRed (Taylor's Version)179
Treacherous Acoustic LiveTaylor SwiftRed Acoustic283
Treacherous DemoTaylor SwiftRed266
Treacherous InstrumentalTaylor SwiftQuiet Calm Art2
Turn Off The LightKim PetrasTurn Off the Light0
Two Is Better Than OneTaylor SwiftBoys Like Girls - Feature254
Two Steps Behind ft. Def LeppardTaylor SwiftDef Leppard0
UmbrellaTaylor SwiftCovers281
Under My HeadTaylor SwiftUnreleased1
UntouchableTaylor SwiftFearless261
Untouchable (Taylor's Version)Taylor SwiftFearless (Taylor's Version)277
UnwrittenNatasha BedingfieldThrowbacks - Natasha Bedingfield: Unwritten2
ValerieAmy WinehouseThrowbacks - Amy Winehouse: Lioness: Hidden Treasures2
Vigilante ShitTaylor SwiftMidnights105
VillainMaisie PetersYou Signed Up For This2
Viva La VidaTaylor SwiftCovers262
Viva La Vida Epic OrchestraColdplayColdplay - Quiet Calm Art 50
VolcanoMaisie PetersYou Signed Up For This2
Voulez VousABBAABBA Gold: Greatest Hits2
Wait For MeTaylor SwiftUnreleased2
WalkGriffOne Foot In Front Of The Other1
Walking On A DreamEmpire of the SunThrowbacks - Empire of the Sun: Walking On A Dream0
Want WantMaggie RogersSurrender0
WaterlooABBAABBA Gold: Greatest Hits3
We Are Coming UndoneTaylor SwiftUnreleased0
We Are Never Ever Getting Back TogetherTaylor SwiftRed406
We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together (Taylor's Version)Taylor SwiftRed (Taylor's Version)193
We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together Country MixTaylor SwiftRed290
We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together LiveTaylor Swift1989 World Tour327
We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together SeineTaylor SwiftLive on the Seine341
We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things rep LiveTaylor Swiftreputation Stadium Tour345
We Are Never Getting Back Together LiveTaylor Swift1989 World Tour325
We Found LoveRihannaTalk That Talk1
We Were HappyTaylor SwiftUnreleased10
We Were Happy (Taylor's Version)Taylor SwiftFearless (Taylor's Version)264
Welcome DistractionTaylor SwiftUnreleased1
Welcome To New YorkTaylor Swift1989305
Welcome to New York (Taylor's Version)Taylor Swift1989 (Taylor's Version)44
Welcome To New York LiveTaylor Swift1989 World Tour321
What Do You SayTaylor SwiftUnreleased2
What To WearTaylor SwiftUnreleased3
When Can I See You AgainOwl CityThrowbacks - Owl City: Wreck-It Ralph Soundtrack3
When Daddy Let Me DriveTaylor SwiftUnreleased1
When Emma Falls in Love (From The Vault) (Taylor's Version)Taylor SwiftSpeak Now (Taylor's Version)76
When Love And Hate Collide ft. Def LeppardTaylor SwiftDef Leppard1
White Blank PageTaylor SwiftUnreleased1
White ChristmasTaylor SwiftSounds of the Season0
White HorseTaylor SwiftFearless228
White Horse (Taylor's Version)Taylor SwiftFearless (Taylor's Version)260
White Teeth TeensLordePure Heroine1
Who I've Always BeenTaylor SwiftUnreleased5
Who'd Have KnownLily AllenIt's Not Me It's You1
Why She Disappeared rep LiveTaylor Swiftreputation Stadium Tour286
Wildest DreamsTaylor Swift1989339
Wildest Dreams (Radio Edit)Taylor Swift1989103
Wildest Dreams (Taylor's Version)Taylor Swift1989 (Taylor's Version)248
Wildest Dreams AcousticTaylor Swift1989 Acoustic272
Wildest Dreams GrammysTaylor SwiftGrammy Museum306
Wildest Dreams InstrumentalTaylor SwiftQuiet Calm Art 24
Wildest Dreams R3habTaylor Swift1989243
Wildest Dreams Ready For It MashupTaylor SwiftQuiet Calm Art3
willowTaylor Swiftevermore313
willow 90s trend remixTaylor Swiftevermore250
willow dancing witchTaylor Swiftevermore (Elvira remix)307
willow GrammysTaylor Swiftevermore235
willow lonely witchTaylor Swiftevermore283
willow moonlit witchTaylor Swiftevermore291
willow songwriting demoTaylor Swiftevermore4
WonderlandTaylor Swift1989289
Wonderland (Taylor's Version)Taylor Swift1989 (Taylor's Version)45
Wonderland PianoTaylor Swift1989 - Quiet Calm Art 55
Would've, Could've, Should'veTaylor SwiftMidnights102
Writer In the DarkLordeMelodrama4
Writing Songs About YouTaylor SwiftUnreleased2
Wrong TurnKim PetrasTurn Off the Light0
You All Over MeTaylor SwiftUnreleased20
You All Over Me (Taylor's Version)Taylor SwiftFearless (Taylor's Version)286
You Are In LoveTaylor Swift1989283
You Are In Love (Taylor's Version)Taylor Swift1989 (Taylor's Version)39
You Are in Love Call It What You Want MashupTaylor SwiftQuiet Calm Art10
You Are In Love LiveTaylor Swift1989 World Tour297
You Are In Love PianoTaylor Swift1989 - Quiet Calm Art 52
You Belong With MeTaylor SwiftFearless277
You Belong With Me (Taylor's Version)Taylor SwiftFearless (Taylor's Version)277
You Belong With Me InstrumentalTaylor SwiftQuiet Calm Art 23
You Belong With Me LiveTaylor SwiftSpeak Now World Tour231
You Belong With Me SeineTaylor SwiftLive on the Seine284
You Belong With Me SS LiveTaylor SwiftSuper Saturday Night345
You DoTaylor SwiftUnreleased3
You Don't Go To Parties5 Seconds of Summer5SOS5 (Deluxe Edition)1
You Don't Have To Call MeTaylor SwiftUnreleased1
You Make Loving FunFleetwood MacRumours2
You Need To Calm DownTaylor SwiftLover294
You Need To Calm Down BBC LiveTaylor SwiftLover261
You Need To Calm Down InstrumentalTaylor SwiftQuiet Calm Art1
You Need To Calm Down SXM LiveTaylor SwiftLover250
You Signed Up For ThisMaisie PetersYou Signed Up For This4
You're Losing MeTaylor SwiftMidnights93
You're Not SorryTaylor SwiftFearless249
You're Not Sorry (Taylor's Version)Taylor SwiftFearless (Taylor's Version)279
You're On Your Own KidTaylor SwiftMidnights150
You're On Your Own, Kid (Strings Remix)Taylor SwiftMidnights91
Your AgeRina SawayamaHold The Girl1
Your AnythingTaylor SwiftUnreleased7
Your FaceTaylor SwiftUnreleased6
Your Face AcousticTaylor SwiftUnreleased1
Your SongElton JohnElton John1
Song Name Artist Album Play Count